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The Full Story

About Erin

Thank you for being here!  I can't wait to get to know you and your family.  I am a former high school history teacher from the suburbs of Chicago.  I moved to Texas with one goal in mind:  to never have to endure another Chicago winter ever again!  I like to say I'm solar powered and I love the sunshine.  My photography career has certainly evolved over time and you can read more about it in my interview with Voyage Austin Magazine (link below).  I am a mom of two little boys and we love living in Central Austin.  You'll see us out and about bike riding, playing at all the great area parks, and hitting up the fun restaurants around town that have play areas for kids.

As for me, personally, I love running, and a good tv binge session.  With two little boys it's definitely been awhile since I've been able to binge but I still try every now and then!  Historical dramas are my favorite - think Downton Abbey, Band of Brothers, The Tudors, and anything on Masterpiece Classic.  Since I'm no longer teaching books and shows fill that history void.  

I also really love the technology side of photography.    I consider myself the "tech support" person in our household and when I was a teacher I never struggled bringing tech into my classroom.  How that translates to this business is countless hours in Photoshop learning all the things to take an image from good to great.  I also really enjoy lighting and continuing to perfect my use of  studio lights, what angles work best, and how to create that perfect soft flattering glow.  

Though I might be our "tech support" I'm certainly no wallflower that hides behind the computer.  I show up with energy and laughs at every single session.   

Me and My Boys

They love to see my photos and help in my studio but I can't say they are always thrilled when it's their turn to get in front of the camera.  Believe me, I understand the process of getting a family ready for pictures!  My kids love to see them photos I took of them when they were newborns and babies.  One thing that surprised me was how important those pictures are to them.  At the time I thought "I need these".  It turns out they need them.  When we go back and look at old photos they feel so loved, so cherished, and they marvel at how little they use to be.  And so do I!  


The Mravle 

I'm here for you

I love every part of a photography session.  I love the planning, designing a vision, the shooting (even when it's challenging!), and the post editing process.  I'm a bit of a computer geek and perfecting your photos is one of my favorite parts.   Before the session I'll obtain a full understanding of what you'd like your gallery to feel like, your most important shots, and during I will work overtime to get it to perfection.  I know you'll love your photos, but I also want you to love them.  If there are specific editing requests I'm happy to hear them.  I'm working tirelessly for you at each stage of the game.   

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