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I am so excited you are here!

Below you can see all of my session offerings and prices.  

Two words:  Client Closet

All newborn and baby sessions come with a client closet.  That's right - I have wraps and outfits for baby and dresses for mom if you choose to use them.  One less thing to worry about!  

Do you have a first year package?  

Yes!  I want you to be part of my community!  Rather than purchasing the package in one lump sum, you earn a discount on your sitting baby and cake smash sessions when you book your newborn shoot.

How do I book?  

There are two ways to book.  First you can visit my full booking site by clicking the black button below.  From there you can select the session you'd like and submit an availability request.  

You can also peruse the sessions here and fill in my contact form.  

"I was so nervous with how (my 8 month old)  would do especially since he’s pretty shy around new people, but even before our session, Erin was the calming, supportive, cheerleader I didn’t know I needed as a new mom. She immediately put me at ease and helped me plan potential outfits to make his first Christmas photo as special as possible. Despite the lights and camera and new environment and new person, my baby warmed up to her really quickly, which to me says a lot about her."

-Suzanne S. 

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